Gospel Place, Malvern nominated for Prestigious 2021 Civic Award

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 at 9:37 am

We are delighted to announce that the Broadway Heritage development ‘Gospel Place’ in Malvern has been nominated for a prestigious local award in recognition of its good design. The Civic Award is awarded annually by Malvern Civic Society in recognition of good quality building design in the area.

The 8-strong Civic Award committee assesses nominations for their construction quality, design and appeal and their contribution to the architectural legacy of the town. John Dixon is Chair of the Society’s Malvern Civic Award Sub-Committee. “We are very pleased that Gospel Place has been nominated for this year’s Malvern Civic Award. This area of Malvern Link has required new investment since the Convent of the Holy Name closed several years ago. Michael Hodges of Broadway Heritage saw the potential of this peaceful location and has been determined to revive it as a desirable residential district. Last year, he masterminded the meticulous renovation of St Leonard’s, one of the Convent Grade 2 listed buildings. Now, he has further enhanced the area with Gospel Place, a completely new development comprising 14 new homes.” The Committee has received the nomination with enthusiasm. John Dixon added, “The homes have been well designed, soundly constructed and thoughtfully planned to appeal to a wide cross-section of the

Covid restrictions mean that the 8 -strong committee has, until now, been unable to visit any of the area’s nominated sites. But John Dixon adds: “We hope that covid restrictions will be eased later in the year so that we can visit all the nominations and make a decision. We plan to present the award, which is a small plaque to attach to the winning building, before the end of the year.”

The Society also takes an active interest in monitoring plans for new developments. Their Planning Sub-Committee keeps a watchful eye on all new planning applications. It opposes proposals considered insensitive or inappropriate, or that risk detracting from the character of Malvern, which is one of England’s best-preserved Victorian towns.

Michael Hodges, Director of Broadway Heritage Ltd – developer of Gospel Place, said, “It is a great honour and humbling to be nominated for this Civic Award. The Civic Society continues to be an excellent source of checks and balances is preserving the character of Malvern. In all our developments and conservation projects at Broadway, it has always been a key aim to complement and enhance the architectural surroundings, add value, and create a legacy of homes that people love to live in. I sincerely believe Gospel Place is indeed contributing to the revival of the Malvern Link area as a fashionable, desirable and sought-
after residential enclave. We look forwarding to welcome John Dixon’s team to Gospel Place as soon as the covid restrictions lift.”

A Civic Society plaque was unveiled in September last year on the wall of Broadway’s neighbouring conservation development of 6 luxury homes, St Leonard’s House. The plaque commemorates the building’s former persona as Convent of the Holy Name. Once home to a community of around 250 nuns, it closed in 1990.

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