Green Space vs New Homes: is there another way?

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at 8:36 am

44 new Bath homes created in a decade of brownfield achievement by Broadway Heritage.

Without the loss of a single blade of grass, 44 new homes have been created by restoration specialist Broadway Heritage in Bath over the past 10 years.

Three poorly trading hotels, a former print shop, a former tool-hire shop, empty council offices and a redundant church have all been successfully transformed into new homes of the highest quality.

For the past decade Broadway’s Michael Hodges, a chartered surveyor and restoration specialist, has been quietly going about his business helping to restore the city’s heritage fabric. This has all been done without compromising the green space that is so important to Bath’s character and ambience.

Together with a variety of local architects and specialist builders he has applied his vision to restore a number of old and unloved buildings to fulfil the needs of a new generation of Bath folk.

Now his latest project, the re-development of St George’s House in St Georges Place has come to an end and his firm Broadway Heritage is looking for their next challenge. All 11 new homes in this latest venture were pre-sold off plan without discount. “This just shows what can be done when professionals, contractors and BANES officers all pull together. Demolition of the former redundant buildings, services diversions, party wall awards, pre-fabrication off site followed by on-site construction have all been completed in 12 months. Handover to the delighted new owners is ongoing.”

“I have dedicated my life to the creation of new homes and the restoration of old buildings which have more to give and can be transformed into exciting new 21stcentury dwelling places”.

“Bath’s unfinished crescents and terraces are testimony to the property cycles of bygone ages. There is no doubt that the changing social and economic fortunes of more recent times have had a negative impact on a number of Bath’s large  and no longer fit for purpose older properties,” he said.

“But changing times and fortunes also create opportunities for regeneration. We can’t wait to start all over again. Bath can metamorphose without loss of heritage (or grass!!)” says Michael.