Commitment – the key to success

This entry was posted on Monday, March 21st, 2011 at 11:56 am

So, the ten-year Tropicana saga continues and the latest developer to try and make a go of it bites the dust.

This was not the only headline-grabbing property story in Weston-super-Mare this week. Apparently Urban Splash’s architects are still limbering up – three years after having won an architectural competition for the redevelopment of Birnbeck Pier. They, too, are victims of an uncertain property market.

What three ingredients do both of these laudable and ambitious projects, designed to capitalise upon the enduring attraction of Weston-super-Mare, lack which prevents them from proceeding?

Perhaps the first is “Commitment”. Without the full commitment of a financial partner no development can succeed.

Perhaps the second is also ‘Commitment’. Without a market committed to the developer’s vision no development can succeed.

Perhaps the final component is also ‘Commitment’. Without the backing of the local authority no development can succeed.

So, thanks to our bank, our buyers and North Somerset Council, Westcliff  continues to progress success-wards. Thank heavens for ‘Commitment’.