Building a new Bath

This entry was posted on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 8:14 am

Completely un-prompted a passer-by commented, as I was standing outside St George’s House in Bath earlier this week, how much he admired the skills that had gone into our scheme.

Of course he was referring to the masonry, the carpentry and the materials. I admire them too. What was not on show but is equally admirable is the skill of the contractor in procuring, co-ordinating and quality controlling the whole process. Also to admire is the skill of the architect and the engineer as they have combined to wrestle with physical and code issues to maximise the potential that the site had to offer. Our planning advisors, quantity surveyor, bankers, solicitors, estate agents, party wall experts, health and safety advisors have all played a blinder too.

We are now five weeks from completion. Focus is required in these last days of the project to ensure that what we have all contributed to not only satisfies passers-by and the new owners but also passes the ultimate test: our own personal approval of the job.

Only when we have achieved this highest level of acclaim will we be able to say that we have truly made our own small contribution to the building a new Bath.